Rethink Education

Investing in companies that we believe will meet the challenges and opportunities of 21st century learning.

Our Approach

Our education system is one of the last places to be remade by technology. That's about to change. We are investing in the people, ideas and companies that are rethinking the way we learn and teach. This is how we are doing it.

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The Latest

Thrilled to announce our THIRD investment in ! and are leading the charge on K-12 best practices.



Our companies are unique in their approach to disruption and innovation but they all have a few things in common. We believe that they create transformative business opportunities, have workable business models and are led by people on fire.

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The people who support Rethink Education are one of our greatest assets. Experienced advisors, passionate entrepreneurs and a committed team that all believe in the transformative power of reshaping education.

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Thinking About...

The ideas, people and companies that inspire us. Thought leaders and changemakers. Our take on education technology.

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