Education Elements

If you are a perceptive reader of the Tech Venture media space, you may have noticed our fund’s informal coming-out party on TechCrunch earlier this March. Led by Harmony Partners, Education Elements recently completed a Series A $6 mm round of funding to further expand its education consultant and support teams, as well as its technology partnerships.

Education Elements is a pioneer in the field of blended learning implementation. Their goal is to make blended learning accessible, affordable and support schools during it’s implementation. Education Element’s unique model, coupled combined with proven results, has already helped them to achieve impressive organic growth. This additional investment will support them in increasing their reach into school districts across the nation and opening an east coast office in the coming months.

Education Elements exemplifies the types of companies that Rethink Education is excited to partner with and invest in. They are truly re-defining not just what is taught in schools, but how it is taught and by whom. Education Elements is leading the quest to leverage technology to humanize learning, a concept previously perceived as being counter-intuitive.