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February 9, 2015            The World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies of 2015 in Education

February 9, 2015             How a Small Sales Team Can Make a Big Impact in Education

          January 11, 2015              Silicon Valley Turns Its Eye to Education

December 3, 2014           Chromebooks leapfrog iPads in US education market for first time, here’s why

November 19, 2014         Pluralsight Acquires Boston-Based Skills Assessment Company Smarterer for $75 Million

October 15, 2014              A New Credential For The Tech Industry

October 1, 2014                Weekly Trend: Where Investors Are Putting Their Edtech Dollars In 2014

September 22, 2014       OPINION: Hot Rodding Our Way to Personalized Learning

September 10, 2014        OPINION: The Billionaire’s Club–Minecraft as a Beacon of Edtech M&A

August 6, 2014                  How Foundations Can Engage The Startup Community To Accelerate Impact

July 16, 2014                     Opportunities For Impact Investments In Education

June 9, 2014                       Major Policy Shifts, Economic Forces Shape The EdTech Market

May 19, 2014                      Learning from EdTech’s Most Active Investors and Investments

March 25, 2014                  EdTech Bubble in the Approach, Not the Product

March 22, 2014                  Why VCs Usually Get Ed Tech Wrong

March 2014                           Boosting Impact: Why Foundations Should Invest in Education Venture Funds (White Paper by Matt Greenfield and Tom Vander Ark)

March 6, 2014                       11 Interesting Edupreneurs at SXSW

February 12, 2014                Money Talks: Major Private Investments in Education Reflect Further Expectations for Further Growth Ahead

January 29, 2014                  For Education Entrepreneurs, Innovation Yields High Returns

December 12, 2013               Who’s Funding K-12 EdTech?

August 2, 2013                       Voxy Raises $8.5M for Apps that Teach English as a Foreign Language

June 5, 2013                           High Demand: The Occupational Outlook for Developers

April 30, 2013                        NewSchools Venture Fund Links with Rethink Education

May 1, 2013                            Rethink Education to Share Profits with NewSchools Venture Fund

May 1, 2013                            Rethink Education Announces Strategic Partnership with NewSchools Venture Fund

May 5, 2013                            NewSchools Venture Fund to Address Shortage of Ed-tech Capital



August 20, 2014                2U Offers Master’s Degree Scholarships to Habitat for Humanity Americorps Alumni Association Members

May 27, 2014                      2U Launches New Cross-University Enrollment Initiative

May 1, 2014                            The 2U Impact Report

February 25, 2014              Fast-Growing 2U Files For $100 Million IPO, But Is It Poised To Be The Next Big Education Company?

April 24, 2014                       Bloomberg Interview Following IPO



February 9, 2015                      The World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies of 2015 in Education

January 23, 2015                      Education Nation

April 23, 2014                           The Mission: Teach 10Million Kids–and End Poverty



brightBytes–rectangle frame

September 16, 2014                 BrightBytes Finishes First in Global Edtech Startup Awards

March 13, 2014                         With 10K Schools On Board, BrightBytes Lands $15M To Help Measure The Real Impact Of Technology In Education

March 12, 2014                          Amid General Outcry Over Student Data Privacy, BrightBytes Wins Schools’ Trust And Raises $15M

November 21, 2013                  Schools, Startups Should Work Together to Unlock Power of Games, Paper Argues

November 20, 2013                  Improve Productivity At Schools W/ Analytics Platform For Educational Institutions: BrightBytes

November 19, 2013                  Fostering the Future of Learning Through Data Dialogues

July 11, 2013                                Education Data Startup BrightBytes Raises $2.5 Million Series A

June 28, 2014                         Lessons From Horry County

April 8, 2014                           EdElements Releases Part 2 of #PLearning Framework Series

January 2, 2014                       The Intelligence of Education Elements

November 13, 2013                 Q&A with Anthony Kim: What will the next phase of blended learning look like?

March 28, 2013                       Steps and Leaps Into Next-Gen Learning

March 22, 2013                       Blended Learning at Aspire

August 31, 2012                       Anticipating a Blended Classroom Boom Led by Education Startups

May 8, 2012                             Social Entrepreneurs Honored for Contributions to Public Education

March 6, 2012                         Education Elements Raises $6M To Help Schools Accelerate Learning With Technology

March 5, 2012                         Companies Target Hybrid-Charter Market

February 15, 2012                   Interview | Exploring Education Elements

April 20, 2012                         Q&A with Anthony Kim: Using data to help teachers make better decisions

September 24, 2011                The Basics of Blended Learning


February 9, 2015                   How a Small Sales Team Can Make a Big Impact in Education

July 24, 2013                          Ellevation Raises $2.35 Million

July 31, 2012                          NewSchools Partner Jordan Meranus to Lead Ellevation

May 21, 2012                          Teddy Rice, President and Co-Founder, Ellevation

February 9, 2014                McGraw-Hill Buys Engrade For ~$50M As It Moves Away From Textbooks, Towars A Future of SaaS

February 3, 2014                McGraw-Hill Education to Acquire Engrade

May 4, 2012                           Engrade Grabs $3M From Wireless Generation Co-founder To Help Teachers Manage  

                                               Their Classrooms

May 2, 2012                           High school coder gets $3M for his gradebook software, 10-years later

January, 28 2011                    Review of Engrade


December 12, 2014               Can this company prevent sexual assaults on college campuses?

September 9, 2014                NHL® and NHLPA Partner with EverFi to Launch Future Goals™ Digital Education Program

April 9, 2014                          Money Talks: Teaching Our Kids Financial Literacy (Video from Bloomberg featuring CEO Tom Davidson)

January 31, 2013                    How This Ed-Tech Startup Reached 7 Million Students Without Charging Schools a Dime

December 2, 2013                 Coach Calipari: A Message to Teachers on Providing Financial Education to Students (Video)

July 16, 2013                          EverFi Announces New STEM Offering and Partners

June 26, 2013                         EverFi Vice Chairman Gene Riechers on the Future of STEM

April 30, 2013                        Want Your Ed-Tech Product to Survive? EverFi’s Tom Davidson Says to Think

                                               About a Distributed Workforce

April 11, 2013                        My Most Memorable Investment: Ted Leonsis

January 31, 2013                    EverFI Partners with Teach For America to Extend Financial Literacy Education

October 29, 2012                  State of the Union 

October 9, 2012                    Video Games That Bring Civics Class to Life

September 23, 2012              Q&A: EverFi Launches Open-Source Badging Platform

September 12, 2012              EverFi Releases the Nation’s First Open-Source Badging Platform

August 14, 2012                    Critical Skills Education SaaS EverFi Raises $10M From Jeff Bezos, Eric Schmidt, Ev Williams

August 14, 2012                    D.C.-based EverFi lands $10 million from tech executives

July 11, 2012                       It’s OK to Disrupt the Classroom

May 14, 2012                       State Treasurers: Empowering Americans to Make Smart Financial Decisions

January 20, 2012                  Virginia takes new approach to internet education

December 13, 2011              Northern Virginia students log on to learn about money

April 27, 2011                      Governor Nikki Haley speaks at Airport High School





February 9, 2015                          The World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies of 2015 in Education

October 15, 2014                           A New Credential For The Tech Industry

June 16, 2014                                 A Cool New Way For Non-Coders To Learn To Code 

May 27, 2014                                  A Look At The Future Of The Digital Classroom (Video)

March 12, 2014                            Who Needs To Know How To Code?

March 7, 2014                               Digital Trade School Raises $35 Million In Financing Round

March 7, 2014                               General Assembly Raises $35M Led By New Investor IVP To Add More Tech Courses, New Campuses

January 29, 2014                         The Most Creative People In Business 1000

January 10, 2014                        Can You Start A Successful Tech Career Later In Life?



February 19, 2014            Can These Consumer Apps Crack The Education Space?

July 18, 2013                        First Thoughts: Hapara, Tales2Go, instaGrok, NoRedInk

July 8, 2013                          Hapara and CDW-G Partner to Optimize Google Solutions for Teachers

May 28, 2013                       NYC DOE Announces Gap App Winners, Outlines Next Steps

February 4, 2013                   Education App Startup Hapara Raises $3.2M 

December 1, 2012                 Hapara Brings Google+ Safely into the Classroom

November 26, 2012              Hapara Releases Teacher Dashboard and Remote Control for Chromebooks

November 14, 2012              Hapara’s Teacher Dashboard Selected for Google Chromebook Education App Pack

November 8, 2012                An Overview of Hapara’s Teacher Dashboard for Google Apps 

  Neverware rectangle frame

February 4, 2015                Cloudy with a Chance of (Great) Performance: Neverware Heads to the Cloud

December 30, 2013            Neverware Raises $3 Million to Save School Computers

December 14, 2013            Guavas, Neverware and Fantoo Win Dell’s Slam Pitch

November 11, 2013            Popular Science: Best New Software 2013

October 24, 2013                Silicon Alley Top 100: The Coolest People in New York Tech

July 18, 2013                          The Technology That Could Save Schools Thousands

July 17, 2013                          JuiceBox: Squeezing New Life Into Old Computers

May 20, 2013                          Neverware Raises $1M to Keep Schools’ Computers Quick Like Lightning

December 12, 2012              An Admirable New Startup, Neverware, Has Raised $1 Million to Try and Save Schools a Lot of Money

December 11, 2012               Neverware Hopes to Save Cash-Strapped Schools Millions by Making Old PCs Run Like New

January 27, 2011                  Making Old Computers Feel Brand New


February 5, 2014               Giant Resumes Fail to Impress Employers

September 19, 2013           Pathbrite Provides E-Portfolios For All Learners

August 16, 2013                  E-Portfolios: From Academia to the Workplace

March 4, 2013                     Digital portfolio startup Pathbrite scores $4M more to help students showcase learning

March 4, 2013                     Pathbrite tacks on another $4M for digital portfolios

March 4, 2013                     After Deals With Pearson & McGraw Hill, Pathbrite Adds $4M To Take Digital Portfolios Beyond The Campus

March 4, 2013                    Pathbrite Adds $4M for Student E-Portfolios 

Undated                                The Future of Work: A PSFK Labs Report (PDF see page 9)

January 11, 2013               January 11, 2013 Education Trends in 2013, Part 1: Adaptiveness

January 8, 2013                 Pathbrite and Pearson Team on Portfolios

November 13, 2012           Pathbrite and McGraw-Hill Education Join Forces to Deliver Next-Generation Education Portfolios

                                          to Higher Education Institutions

October 13, 2012              Portfolios from Pathbrite help you demonstrate lifelong learning

October 12, 2012              T4LT ePortfolios

September 24, 2012          Pathbrite and Digital Portfolios

September 18, 2012          Pathbrite Selected as Finalist for NewSchools Venture Fund’s “Innovation Challenge”

                                           at NBC’s 2012 Education Nation Summit

July 10, 2012                     Video:  Will Visual Portfolios Replace Traditional Online Resumes?

July 9, 2012                       Pathbrite CEO Reflects on the Effects of the MBA

July 2, 2012                       Will Visual Portfolios Replace Traditional Online Resumes?

June 20, 2012                     Digital Portfolio Company Pathbrite Raises $2.5M Series A Round, Wants To Become “Credentials 2.0″

May 15, 2012                     DIY learning: Schoolers, Edupunks, and Makers challenge education as we know it


October 9, 2013                Rethink Named to the Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies for 2013

February 4, 2013               No ‘Round Pegs’ in ‘Square Holes’ in Greenville’s Autism Program

October 27, 2011              Department of Defense Selects Rethink Autism Platform for Military Base Schools Worldwide

September 19, 2011          Rethink Autism Wins Education, Health and Business Awards Throughout 2011

September 2, 2011            Autism Treatment: Understanding ABA

August 8, 2011                  Seven keys to an effective autism education program


November 19, 2014         Pluralsight Acquires Boston-Based Skills Assessment Company Smarterer for $75 Million

May 21, 2014                     The Case for Updating the Hiring Process

February 27, 2014          Smarterer Raises $1.6mm to Help Companies Discover Their Skill Gaps

July 10, 2013                      Smarterer: The Future of Employment Testing is Wide Open

May 15, 2013                      Smarterer the Big Winner in the Startup Contest at Recruiting Innovation Summit

Undated                               The Future of Work: A PSFK Labs Report (PDF see page 9)

October 16, 2012                Getting Smarter on Skills Testing

September 20, 2012           In brave new world of online ed, Smarterer wants to track what you’re actually learning

July 15, 2012                      3 Online Tools for Finding the Perfect Job Candidate

April 19, 2012                     Education Innovators Preaching (as Usual) to the Choir

April 16, 2012                     When It’s Better Not to Listen to Customers

February 12, 2012              Are You Smarterer Than Other Job Candidates? Prove It  (Tech Crunch)


January 17, 2013               Is 2013 Year of the MOOC? 

December 14, 2012            Freelance Professors

December 12, 2012            New Platform Lets Professors Set Prices for Their Online Courses 

December 12, 2012            An eBay For Professors To Sell College Courses Directly To Students

September 4, 2012             Straighterline wants to help professors expand reach, while students save

April 14th, 2012                 StraighterLine Nabs $10M To Make College More Affordable Through Online Education

May 2nd, 2012                   Harvard, MIT Will Bring Classes To The Masses With Their ‘edX’ Online Learning Initiative

March 13, 2012                  The Higher Education Monopoly is Crumbling As We Speak

March 11, 2012                   A GED for college?  Grads with degrees are filling traditionally blue-collar jobs

February 2, 2012                (PDF DOWNLOAD)  Testimony of Kevin Carey Policy Director, Education Sector On Innovations in 

                                           College Affordability to U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions

September 13, 2011            Want a Cheaper, Better College Experience? Stop the Rankings and Let Go of Tradition

January 21, 2012               Online course start-ups offer virtually free college

Voxy rectangle frame

August 2, 2013                      Voxy is a Different English Teacher for the New Global Economy

August 2, 2013                       Voxy Gets $8.5M for its English-language Learning Apps

August 2, 2013                        Voxy Raises $8.5M for Apps that Teach English as a Foreign Language