Jennifer Carolan

Co-founder and General Partner, Reach Capital

Mark Chernis

SVP of Strategic Partnerships & Investments at Pearson

Nick Donohue

President and CEO, Nellie Mae Education Foundation

Leonard Gurin

Vice President, Cash and Investments, USA Funds

Carmen Heredia-Lopez

Director of Investments, W.K. Kellogg Foundation

Stefan von Holtzbrinck

CEO, Holtzbrinck Publishing Group

John Katzman

Chairman, Noodle Education (former Chairman and CEO 2U)

Harold Levy

Executive Director, Jack Kent Cooke Foundation

Eileen Scott

Director of Investments, Lumina Foundation for Education

Josh Susser

Ben Wallerstein

Managing Director, Dutko Worldwide (Co-Founder Whiteboard Advisors)

Judy Wurtzel

Board Member, Urban Teacher Center